Sanjay Molur

Founder & Chief Editor, JoTT
Red List Focal Point for IUCN / SSC Primate SG and South Asian Invertebrate SG
PI, Himalayan Langur and Amphibian Chytrid Projects

Latha G Ravikumar

Treasurer and Administrator
Web Design and Developer
Database Management



B.A. Daniel

Associate Editor, JoTT
Co-chair, South Asian Invertebrate Specialist Group SAsISG, IUCN SSC



B. Ravichandran

Managing Editor, JoTT
Research Assistant

Priyanka Iyer

Associate Editor, JoTT



P. Vishal Ajuha





R. Marimuthu

Education Officer


K. Geetha

Accounts cum Admin Executive
Typesetting, JoTT



S. Radhika

Accounts cum Admin Executive
Typesetting, JoTT

G. Arul Jegadish

Sr. Office Assistant
Typesetting, JoTT


K. Raveendran

Office Assistant




Despatch Technician

Manju Siliwal

Research Affiliate
Associate Editor, JoTT

Smrithy Raj

Research Affiliate

Sayantan Das

Research Affiliate

Smitha Daniel

Research Affiliate

Smitha Daniel is a primatologist working on Slender Lorise’s ecology, their conservation, and threats for the last 8 years in the Western Ghats. She is the first person to study the behavioural ecology of the Malabar Slender Loris in its natural habitat. Her research interests also include ecology and conservation of urban bats and wildlife-human interactions.

Supriya Samanta

Research Affiliate

Supriya Samanta is a Zoology postgraduate from West Bengal’s Sidho-Kanho-Birsha University. He’s volunteering with the Purulia Forest Department in the Ajodhya Hills to collect baseline data and conduct scientific studies. He and his friends from Purulia and Bankura, West Bengal, formed the ‘Green Plateau’ group to protect the region’s biodiversity. Save Ajodhya Hills is a social media campaign that involves all stakeholders in order to preserve the faunal, floral, and traditional diversity of the region’s landscape.

Also we hire many temporary and part time employees time to time
for short-term assignments.